Bunion Treatment and Surgery in Tampa Bay, FL

Caring and skilled, Dr. Kopelman of The Heel and Foot Pain Center of Tampa Bay treats common foot disorders across the Tampa Bay area. Bunions, a deformity where the base of the big toe enlarges and protrudes, are one of the most common conditions Dr. Kopelman treats.

Bunions, or hallux valgus, are more common than you might think, and can be incredibly painful. More than half of women in America have bunions, and wearing tight shoes will typically aggravate their bunions.

The larger the bunion, the more painful the effects, so it's best to treat bunions when they are small.
Bony bunions on both feet -Treatment in Petersburg FL
More severe cases can deform multiple toes, causing difficulty walking and moving, even without shoes. To treat a bunion, The Heel and Foot Pain Center of Tampa Bay has multiple approaches. Conservative treatments, like wider or softer shoes, can relieve pressure and ease pain. However, surgery is typically a more permanent option to remove bunions.

Bunion surgery, or bunionectomy, can permanently correct a bunion. The enlarged portion of the big toe is removed, and the bones and ligaments of the foot will be realigned. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, with several weeks to months of recovery afterwards.

Dr. Kopelman of The Heel and Foot Pain Center of Tampa Bay is board certified in podiatric surgery and can fix your bunion, fast. Call 727-321-4040 today to schedule your appointment.